Ahkam ul Quran By Chaudhry Nazar Mohammad Urdu Pdf Book Free

Ahkam ul Quran Book is beautifully written by chaudhry nazar mohammad. Explaining the verses of the Book of Allah in urdu language, the author has done fabulous work. Quran Kareem is for all Muslims and it has comprehensive knowledge for living a successful life. but it is difficult to read and understand Quran as it is written in arabic language. However, the Islamic scholars have wrote the translated Quran and tafseer of Quran majeed to read and understand Quran in a complete manner. Nowadays people are so busy in there life so they don't have the time to learn Arabic. so if we don't know Arabic language, it is impossible for us to act upon our creator's orders. But thanks to the Islamic scholars who translated the Quran into our language so we can read and obey the orders of Almighty Allah.
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