Namal Episode 17 By Nemrah Ahmed Read Online

Namal Episode 17 "Aadmi Kay Do Dil"

Namal By Nemrah Ahmed Episode 17 Read Online. Namal Episode 17 comes with title "Aadmi Kay 2 Dil" (A man with two hearts) which is from the Quranic verse "Allah has not put two hearts inside a man". A man is whether righteous or a wrong doer, he is not both at the same time that's the thing this ayah is telling us. Whether you have to companion of good or you can join bad,but cannot choose both.
Namal episode 17 is full of suspense, shock and heart touching scene. Specially Saadi's Quran reciting scene is magnificent. We will know how Genius Faris is, he knew the reality of Hashim and Jawahraat for a long time but he did not realize them. The love scene of Zumar and Faris was also awesome. And the Poetry of Namal december 2015 edition is very beautiful, the lines,
"AnMol Patharro Ki Qeemat Lagayi Sab Ne,
Deewar Jo Na Bante, Bazaar Ban Ke Jeete.
Garr WaQt Kabhi Aata Baatil Ki Khudayi Ka,
Hum Maot Se Na Dartey, Talwaar Ban Ke Jeete"
are awesome from Namal Episode 17.
mr.Ahmer's Humor is also good and the conversation between saadi and Aabdar is worth reading as well.
The last scene of Namal Episode 17 is fabulous when Saadi reveals the Murderer of Hashim's Father Aurangzaib.
So Read Namal Episode 17 and get yourself fascinate with Nemrah Ahmed's lovely style of writing.

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