Repunzal Novel Episode 8 Read Online

Repunzal Novel Episode 8 Read Online. Repunzel is a new novel of Tanzeela riaz. it is based on the cartoon creation repunzel and describes the life of two families and a girl and story revolevs around her.
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Safeeran e Khuda Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Safeeran E Khuda Urdu Pdf book free download. A comprehensive and informative book about different Prophets to download. Safeeran e Khuda is written by  Masood Mufti, a well known scholar and Mufti.
This book (Safeeran e Khuda) is about different prophets alongwith their nations,biography and other relatd information about the holy prophets (Peace be upon them) as the author has also narrated the introduction of miracle and so as the reality of Wahi
Safeeran e Khuda is informative about Hazrat Nooh A,s, Hazrat Ibrahim A.s, Hazrat Looth A.s Hazrat Ishaq and many other messangers of Allah.
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Safeeran e Khuda Urdu Pdf Book

Safeeran e Khuda Urdu Pdf Book Free Download
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Firon Ki AapBeeti Urdu Novel By Mazhar Ul Haq Alvi Free Download

Firon Ki AapBeeti Novel By Mazhar ul Haq Alvi

Firon Ki Aapbeeti Urdu novel. Firon Ki aapBeeti Novel was originally written by Rider Haggard and translated by Mazhar ul Haq Alvi. Firon ki Aap Beeti Contains the story of Egypt's last Pharaoh, in the love of cleopatra, he had lost his everything. The story of this novel is on romance,action and advanture in urdu.

Jang e Azeem Ke Hero By Sayed Saeed Ahmed Free Download

Jang e Azeem Ke Hero is an urdu book written by Syed Saeed Ahmed. Jang e Azeem Ke Hero book has beautiful knowledge about the first world war. The first world war has been beautifuly described by Syed Saeed Ahmed.
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Brain Trainer Book Free Download

Brain Training Pdf Book Free Download

Read Brain Trainer Book Free. You can boost your brain memory with this free pdf copy of World's famous book Brain Training. Brain Training is written by Mr.James Harrison and Mike Hobbs, it is a complete visiual programme and has all the concepts and theory with images and diagram.
Brain Training Pdf Book Free Download

The Index of Brain Training Pdf BOok is
Chapter 1: Brain Potential
Chapter 2: Memory
Chapter 3: Visual Reasoning and Spatial Awareness
Chapter 4: Think Creatively
Chapter 5: Numerical Reasoning
Chapter 6: Verbal Reasoning
Chapter 7: The Mind Body Connection
Chapter 8: Test Your New Brain Power 

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Aab E Hayaat Episode 16 by Umera Ahmed Read Online And Download

As the Story Ascends we read some shocking as well as intersting things as Salaar has Brain Tumor and before going to Neurosurgery he has written his Autobiography which he named "Taash" but when Imama Reads that Autobiography he urge salaar to give that autobiography "Aab E Hayaat" Nobody has got Aab e Hayaat (The Water of Life) However, Imama Believes that turning from wrong side to good is like drinking Aab E Hayaat which gives life to a dead man

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Devta By Mohiuddin Nawab Urdu Novel All 56 Volumes Pdf Download

"Devta" Urdu Novel by Mohiuddin Nawab All 56 volumes in Pdf Book Free Download. Mohiuddin Nawab's Urdu Novel Devta is world's most famous and astounding long novel. the main protoganist of the novel Devta is Farhad Ali Temur who is a master of Telepathy and tells his autobiography in Devta that how he fights with group of Super Master and other criminal with his Super Power of Telepathy in various stages and damages. Urdu Novel Devta is a master piece of Love,romance, suspense and action as well.
Devta by Mohiuddin has 56 Volumes and you can download each volume by clicking on the links below

Laila Majnu by Zulfiqar Arshad Gelani Urdu Book

Laila Majnun Urdu Pdf BOok. Laila Urdu is a classic love story of old Arab and famous among all over the world. The book Laila Majnu is written by Zulfiqar Arshad Gelani. Click on the link below to Download

Islam Mein Halaal O Haram Book Free Download

Islam Mein Halaal O Haram Urdu Pdf Book Download. Islam Mein Hilal O Haram Pdf Book authored by Molana Naeem-ul-Din. This book contains the commandments regarding forbidden things those things who are allowed. you can download Islam Mein Halal Aur Haram in Urdu to read offline.

Hasti Ke Ahang (Gul E Rana) Urdu Novel

Gul e Rana Urdu Novel Free Download. A beautiful urdu novel written by samra bukhari Gul e Rana (Hasti ke Aang) is a story of a young girl (Gul e Rana) after being abused by sick mentality people, she stands up for the right of womens. she ties the knot with a man who does not give any respect to her but she faces every problem with astounding guts which is worth watching. later than, her husband understand the value of women and transform his mentality regarding women. 

In this man dominating society, Gul e Rana novel can be a beacon of hope for those women, who does not get respect but still they tend to loyal with their spouses.
Drama Serial (Gul e Rana) is based on this novel which telecasted on Hum Tv.