Haalim By Nemrah Ahmed Episode 1 Khawateen Digest Download

Haalim By Nemrah Ahmed New Novel Read Online. 
Haalim is the most awaited novel by Famous Urdu Writer Nemrah Ahmed whose novels are admired by everyone, she recentally has finished her most popular Novel Namal. Now she has penned down another thriller Episodic Novel "Haalim"
Haalim By Nemrah Ahmed is actually a Story of a Malasian girl "Taalia" who is a theif but pretends to be a male scam detector named Haalim. She can See dreams and use them in fraud she visions a dream which she thinks is related to her parents and she has to find out.
Haalim basically means The Dreamer and Nemrah Ahmed's This novel is all about dreams and their interpretation.
Here you can read Nemrah Ahmed's Novel Haalim-Episode 1 "Gandley Paanio ka Sangam" (The combination of the muddy water) published in Khawateen Digest May 2017

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