Beginner's Guide to Android Apps- A Practical Approach For Beginners Pdf Book Free Download

Beginners Guide to Android Apps

Let assume that author feels that you have no experience in app development. That's why the author has begin writing this book with the setup and installation of the necessary development and the starting of the emulators. The first and simple "Hello World" app will be developed in steps. There are some basics of Java Programming language are given with practical examples in the next chapter of the book, you will clearly see the screenshots and codes. While in the last chapter of the Book, the author explains the installation of the Unity game engine  and creates a simple 2d Platform game in Unity to show you.
Learn to Develop an Android App

Learn to Develop Android Apps to earn or Make your business successful

In this book you will learn
The very basics of the app development and use buttons in your code
Developing of a 2D platform game: Installing Unity game engine.
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