Halim By Nemrah Ahmed Episode 16 Review

So.. The story starts with Fateh's dream, and some dreams are not dreams rather they are reflection of the past or the vision of future, and Fateh is very much closer to unfold his past as he just has to find the last answer of  (The Three Question of Time) however it seems that Talia will soon be with Fateh.
Now we see Talia becoming Halim once again and solving other's issues as she has done in past but this time it would not be for her own benefit but for other's sake in true sense which is quite delighting to read, now she has realized that other also have right in her powers because heavy is the head that wears the crown. And first task she has to finish is Adam's revenge from that reporter whereas, Adam his also perceived the true notion behind improving himself that it should not be for someone other but for his own life and that is the thing every person should learn from Adam, everyone has to improve initially in order to improve others either by helping them with one's ideas and experience or by setting an example from one's life.
What is more fascinating is the con game played by Talia (Halim) with that reporter, seriously, if the con is the art then Talia is Picasso of it. I mean the way she has convinced rather trapped that reporter is mind-blowing, how one can describe that making fool of that high power journalist who used to mug people with his art now is confronted by the teacher of that con game.
Honestly speaking, the reaction given by Fateh after facing the reality of (which he already knew in the old Malaka) is something words cannot describe. Talia and Fateh are chained together to their old and unique relationship. A relation which cannot be understood by anyone and Fateh has displayed a high level of sincerity towards his campaign manager-cum-companion, that is truly the essence of love. Obviously, he cannot hate Talia even after knowing that she is a con artist, how can he despise the person with whom his strong bond has been created. The scene that showed Fateh consulting with psychiatric proves that even strong people have weakness and that thing makes them human.
Adam's words in the interview are directly touching hearts and we get motivation from Adam that how he transforms himself from a common person to that highly effective personality. I think he is the perfect example of a highly effective person Stephen Covey was talking about. The way he gives answers to reporter confidently is worth learning. This character of Nemrah Ahmed has many things to teach us, and that is the peculiarity of Nemrah that each and every character has something to in one way or another.
(Khusyanvi Billi Khamba Nouchay) the proverb is best suited to Asrah in this Episode of Halim. Now she has nothing left behind and his last move is to kill, or made Fateh wounded so that she can accuse Talia of it, but I do not think that her this step would be useful, however, she has now going to fix the last nail in the coffin herself, now only we have to see what Fateh has to do.
The background of Talia's arrestment mystery is well solved by Talia with such distinctive thinking approach, she has sorted out the story made by that prosecutor to prove her a culprit but I am sure that (Talia Sab Sambhal legi :) ) Talia feels sorry when she does not attend The book launching ceremony of Adam which is apparently about her (Bangara Malayun) but foremost important for her is to prove herself that she is the Flower of Malaysia not a Thorn of her. 
Hope you like it, if you have not read the August 2018 Episode of Nemrah Ahmed's Halim then click on the link below to download and do not forget to comment about it. Take care.

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Drama Khani An Overview

So the most tragic yet most appreciated drama has come to its ending with a positive message for the victims of atrocities of people like Mir Haadi that deeds have consequences and one has to confront them.
I see the drama story partially taken from the real-life incident of Shahzaib Murder case in which a landlord-cum-politician had killed the innocent Shahzaib in similar way Hadi had done which is the result of the high arrogance and rage nourishment of the parents, and that is the main theme of the Drama covered in the color of love the becomes the reason for Hadi to realize his guilt and his evil and blessed he was to do so...
It would be justified to say that first murder on earth was also done because of the rage besides woman when Qabil (the son of Adam) had killed his brother upon the rejection of his sacrifice against his brother and from the history of atrocities had begun and it will be held till the doomsday but history has also claimed the sense of guilt of Qabil as he had became insane and was calling death but death could not give relief to him from the anguish he felt throughout period he lived but not every Qabil has to die early, some get chance to reform themselves and become a lesson for others.
Another beautiful lesson this drama gives us is that to grow up our child in such a way that the arrogance and rage should remain in their control no matter how powerful they are, they should not think that their powers cannot go into vain when the Supreme power declares his judgment :)
Now coming to Hadi and Khani :) 
Well obviously the repentance from Hadi and dialogue he said were awesome and that's the beauty of literature that we feel sympathy to the one who utters it.
When Hadi desired to meet Khani as his last wish, that situation has been perfectly symbolized in the poetry of Iqbal r.a
"Ye Jannat Mubarak Rahe Zaahido Ko
Kay Mein Aap ka Saamna Chahta hun"
When Khani said that his death sentence has been overturned, Haadi was like
"Hamain Jaan Deni Hai Aik Din, Wo Kisi Tarah Wo Kaheen Sahi
Hamain Aap Khainchiye Daar Par, Jo Nahin Koi To Hameen Sahi"
and this last one to lovers of Haadi (I am not of them :P ) when he was taking to death rope
" Jis Shaan se wo Maqtal mein Gaya to Shaan salamat rehti hai"
Ye jaan to aani jaani he is jaan ki Koi Baat nahi"
 The last scene when Haadi's mother was talking about the anger and Haadi teaching was the summary and lesson of the Drama that
" A saint has a past and Sinner has a future"

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