Search Engine Optimization

If you want your Website to feature on top of every important engine search, then it is vital that
you learn various Search Engine Optimization [SEO] tricks that can ensure that your Website
beats the hundreds of thousands of other Websites to the post. Here are some valuable tips on
learning how to SEO.
The first and foremost tip is to understand the manner in which search engines work. They do
not understand graphics but instead depend on matching the words in the search criteria with
the keywords that might be present in your Website. Therefore, you should make it a point to
include as many keywords and key phrases as you can into your Website. Imagine the different
key phrases that your viewers might type into the search boxes and try to incorporate them into
your site. Even if you have included photos in your site, make it a point to attach text tags to
those photos so that the search engines can understand them.
Your key phrases should also be mentioned in the URL and other related file names since
search engines look in them. The title tag, which is on the top of your html document, should
contain the relevant key phrases as should your meta description tags. Your description tags
will not be seen in your Website but will be featured in text form when search engine display
their results. Thus, it is important to include phrases that entice the readers towards your
Website in your description tags. Although it is important to remember not to just dump the
same keywords and phrases in your URL, title and description tags and your file names since
most search engines will interpret that as spamming and just reject your site. Instead, try to
incorporate various related words that are similar to your keywords.
It would also be a good idea to check your standing after conducting some dummy searches
through various search engines. This will give you a chance to fine-tune your keywords and key
phrases. During this search, also try to find out the standing of your competitors and try to
analyze the reason for their success in case they are placed above you. You should also ensure
that your site's internal links are cross-linked perfectly since search engines will find it easy to
latch on to the right page. Another important tip is to continually add fresh content to your
Website since this will please both search engines and even your visitors. The chances of your
Website getting bookmarked will also increase if you keep on providing fresh information.
Patience is the key since once you have made the necessary changes to your Website, it will
still take some time for search engines to recognize that fact and push you up the search ladder.
Make sure that your body copy is curtailed to around 300 words and that your keywords and key
phrases are injected at regular intervals instead of just bunching them at the top or bottom.
If you keep these tips in mind and wait patiently after making all the necessary changes to your
Website, you should be pleasantly surprised to watch the search engines lock on to your site
during any related search. Try out various new methods to ensure that your site remains on top
since your competitors too will be doing their best to jump over you.
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The Life Of Muhammad P_B_U_H by Muhammad Husayn Haykal

The book, Hayat Muhammad, by Dr. Muhammad Husayn Haykal is well known to the
Arabic reader. It is a biography of the Holy Prophet, salla, Allahu `alayhi wa sallam,
written in light of all the rules and requirements of modern, exacting scholarship. As
its author has said, it is a renewed effort to establish the historical truth of the
details of the Prophet's life in accordance with these rules, as well as to refute, by
the same means, the false allegations against Islam and its Apostle. It has derived
its materials from genuine sources and treated them with a mind unshackled by parti
pris or superstition, by ignorance or false hopes. We trust that it will be followed by
the research works of many other scholars; for the English readers stand in great
need for books to enlighten them in the nature and history of Islam.
Fortunately, Islamic sanity has persistently resisted all attempts at deifying the
Prophet's person. Despite the fact that no human being has ever commanded as
much respect and none has ever been object of so much affection by his followers,
Muslims have rejected every suggestion imputing to the Prophet superhuman power
or characteristics. By itself, and when compared with the conceptions of the careers
of charismatic founders and leaders of other religions in history, the Muslims'
insistence on Muhammad's humanity remains a miracle, a genuine triumph of the
Muslim's historical sense. This book is a tribute to the Muslim's critical attitude in
religious matters.
This is the fact which makes the quest of the historical Muhammad not only possible,
but certain of achieving its objectives. It underlies this book and blesses its findings,
as it invites further research and offers greater promise. Biography was never a
critical science (it may even be contended that it ever existed!) before the Muslims
began to sift the oral and written traditions concerning the Prophet. They undertook
this task with a mind unwaveringly committed to Muhammad's humanity, absolutely
convinced of his fulfillment of his mission under the full light of history.
It was these Muslim endeavors that produced the science of textual criticism. Firstly

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