God And Love By Hashim Nadeem Pdf Book Free Download

God And Love Pdf Book By Hashim Nadeem

Love and God is an english version of Hashim Nadeem's Famous Urdu Novel Khuda Aur Mohabbat which was very popular among the people.Story of Hammad And Imaan. Imaan is a daughter of a Religious scholar and Hammad is a son of a Former officer and politician.Hammad is Fall in love with Imaan but Hammad's Mother Insults Imaan's father then Hammad left the home in rage.

In the Disclaimer the Written Hashim Nadeem Says "I'm a bit confusion to understand why people say that love is a personal story. Love is not a personal story it's a unversal story because, there is hardly anyone in the world who has not passed through this experience. And there is only difference of the truth of acceptance and hypocrisy of denial. the war between love and religion was fought by my heart and roughly experienced by my soul but i leave it to you. you please decide whether it was won by love or religion. I, therefore, request that this book should be read only by those who have the courage to confront new questions in life. Answer is however,not compulsory.

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