Faateh Bait ul Muqadas Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Faateh Bait ul Muqadas Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi urdu Pdf Book. a historical Islamic book describes about the Islamic battle fought in bait ul muqadas, the first Kaaba of Muslims. this book was originally addressed by Dr Ahmed Mehmood in Saudi Arabia's Madina University, then it was shapped into a novel which gives the complete information regarding the history of sultan Salahuddin ayoubi. many battles had been fought by him only for elevation of islam. He was in his teenage when christian army occupied Al Raha city and looted good as well as kidnapped women. when Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi r.a known about thi, he kept an old Turkish man and went to Sultan Ammad ud dub zangi and and told him all about christian cruelty and asked for help.
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