Man-o-Salwa By Umera Ahmed Urdu Novel Pdf Download

Man-o-Salwa is an Urdu novel beautifully written by Umera Ahmed and it is featuring the suspense, romance and thrill.
Man-o-Salwa is a comprehensive package for someone who wants to read the Masterpiece of Umera Ahmed.

Man-o-Salwa was dramatized and played on air on Hum TV as well.
Man-o-Salwa is a story of a girl named (Zainab) who belongs to a middle class family and for revenge, she changed herself from a pious girl to cunning one. And forgot everything, her family, moral and even herself. But in the end she lost everything.The story of the novel is very organized and its start is convincing enough to attract readers to read the novel till the end and the particular style of writing of Umera Ahmed is worth reading as well.  

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