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Science is not In contrast to naturopathy but it is with his privilege, we should not underestimate the importance of naturopathy. Naturopathy is same effective as it was centuries ago.
It is saying that Nature is a big therapist, it is a formacy which has the remedy of every pain. Aasan Qudrati Ilaj Urdu Pdf contains the easiest natural treatments of most diseases in Urdu language. Asian Qudrati Ilaj is written by Hakeem Tahir Mehmood Butt, who is a peritus Hakeem and a famous health author in Pakistan as well. His Urdu books about Hikmat and Health are very famous Asian Qudrati Ilaj is his very popular Urdu book. Asaan Qudrati Ilaj Urdu Book has been written in the light of Islam.
Asaan Qudrati Ilaj (Easy Natural Treatment) Urdu book is all about different diseases and their remedies. The writer of the book Qudrati Ilaj has mentioned spiritual Islamic prayers as the cure of different disease like Malaria, hepatitis, cancer, high blood pressure and many other diseases. The author has also narrated about the light therapy.
Asaan Qudrati Ilaj Urdu book contains 256 pages of Natural treatment tips and has a small size of 5.18 MB only.
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