Pehli Baarish Urdu Poetry Book By Nasir Kazmi Free Download

Download Urdu Poetry Book Pehli Barish By Nasir Kazi. Pehli Barish is the name of Nazir Kazmi's Famous Poetry book, it has a vast collection of Nasir Kazmi's poetry who is a famous Urdu Poet, well known for his heart touching poetry and Ghazals. He melts the hearts by his easy to understand Urdu poetry and that's the reason why his poetry are being appreciated among the people of Urdu language in Pakistan and across the world.
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Inpage Seekhiye Urdu Pdf Book By Maulana Rasheed Ahmed Free Download

Download Urdu Pdf Book Inpage Seekhye and learn Inpage In Urdu language. Inpage for page designing is must for a graphic designer and one has to be excellent in Inpage in order to create beautiful pages of book,newspapers etc. This book "Inpage Seekhiye" is authored by Maulana Rasheed Ahmed who is a popular Islamic Scholar, and the preface of this book has been written by the famous author, Mufti Abu Lubaba Shah Mansoor who is a teacher of Maulana Rasheed Ahmed. Inpage Seekhye is a very useful Urdu Tutorial book, Inpage Software is used for writing Urdu language, Urdu Newspaper, Urdu Books and Columns. In this book the writer has explained Inpage step by step from basic to advance level. He has also described the best methods of Urdu Typing, creating newspaper headlines and designing a book layout etc.
Click on the links below to read online or Download the most detailed book on Inpage. "Inpage Seekhiye in Urdu By Maulana Rasheed Ahmed.

Talash Urdu Pdf Book By Mumtaz Mufti Free Download

Download Urdu Book Talash pdf free.
Talash is an Urdu book which contains the beautiful articles of Mumtaz Mufti.
Mumtaz Mufti is a popular Urdu linguist Urdu writer Urdu novelist and Urdu litterateur he is best known for his Urdu novels and books.
His this book Talash is one of the famous Urdu books written by Mumtaz Mufti in this book, Mumtaz Mufti shares his views on different little and major matters in Urdu language he has discussed everything and as writer says "this Urdu book will talk to you. In this urdu book "Talash"Mumtaz Mufti has written on various subjects like The Holy Quran, Heaven, Respect and other worth reading topics.
The Urdu book "Talash"by Mumtaz Mufti is in Urdu PDF format and you can download or read online by clicking on the links below.

Mind Magic Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Mind Magic Urdu Pdf book free download.
Mind Magic book in Urdu is all about changing your mind from negativity to positivity, failure to success.
Mind Magic book is written by Dr.Javed Saim, a trainer and consultant and Phd and master practitioner Nuero Linguistic Programming (NLP Comprehensive Colorado USA)
His experience of 20years in helping people through one-to-one consulting session and training is enough to describe his personality but Dr Javed is the expert of expression and psychosis disease.
He is well known for his unique consultancy and his Urdu book Mind Magic

Mind Magic book is about self improvement, goal setting, and achievement in life aims
Dr Javed Saim has figure out Five Most important points of success in book Mind magic which are
·         Dominant Thanking
·         Felling
·         Love
·         Belief
·         Gratitude

All five points are well depicted by author with examples of different individuals of modern era, unique and true stories of people who got success are also included
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Adobe Photoshop Tutorials Book In English Pdf Free Download

Read online tutorial book of Adobe Photoshop CS in English language.
With the help of this Adobe Photoshop CS tutorial book, you can learn Photoshop in a very small snap of time. Adobe Photoshop is very essential for graphic designers, Web designers, even photographers use it for their professional photo editing. If you are a newbie and looking for a comprehensive book of adobe Photoshop then this is for you. As it contains all tricks and concepts of Photoshop which are detail explained with the help of images.

Editing pictures of yours and your dear ones is cool. Isn't?
Then download English PDF book of Adobe Photoshop CS tutorials free by clicking on the links below.

Kaaley Jadu Ki Haqeeqat Aur Us Ka Tor Urdu Pdf Book

Kaaley Jadu ki Haqeeqat aur Tor Urdu Pdf book. The reality of black magic and its treatment is the name of this book, this book is very useful for those who think they somehow are victim of any kind of black magic done by anyone. Kaaley Jadu ki Haqeeqat Aur Tor is written by Mr. Sayyad Zeeshan Nizami, an Islamic scholar who has written this book in the light of Holy Quran and Hadith. in the book Kaaley Jadu Ki Haqeeqat in Urdu, you will read the difference of miracle and magic, different type of magic, explanation of magic, jadu ka Shafi Ilaj and the protection from Satan and various ways to break the black magic through the help of the verses of the Holy Quran.
Click on the links below to read online/download Kaaley Jadu Ki Haqeeqat Urdu Pdf Book free  

Qurbani Aur ZulHijjah Ke Fazail Wa Masail Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Download Qurban Aur Zulhijjah Ke Fazail Wa Masail ( the blessing and concerns of Sacrifice and Zulhijjah Book) This book contains comprehensive knowledge of sacrifice in the Holy month of Zulhaj in Urdu. Qurbani Aur ZilHijjah Ke Fazail-o-Masail is written by Moulana Mufti Abdur Rauf Sukkurvi, an Islamic Scholar from Pakistan. ZullHijjah is the Name of the Last Islamic month. Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid-ul-Adha on the 10th of this month. Muslims sacrifice the halal Quadrupeds on Eid-ul-Adha in the memory of Hazrat Ibrahim's sacrifice and this sacrifice is also called as Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi. In this book Mufti Abdur Eauf Sukkurvi has discussed everything regarding the holy month of ZulHijjah and Sacrifice.
Click on the links below to read Online / Download Qurabi Aur ZilHijjah Ke Fazail Wa Masail Urdu Pdf Book.

Namal By Nemrah Ahmed Episode 26 Read Online

Namal By Nemrah Ahmed Episode 26 Read Online. Namal Episode 26 of September 2016 named Farzand e Naznen ( Beloved Child) is another step to the ending and has a lot of suspense as well as breath-taking realities of Faris and Saadi.
Starting with the conversation of Saadi and Zumar, Saadi convince Zumar that he has no problem facing the trail in court and he knows well what he should do.
Hashim Karadar Has got some clues of Faseeh murdered by Saadi and now he vows to use it against Saadi but he doesn’t know that Saadi can outclass him with his truth-speaking powers. (Obviously, honesty is the best policy)
Ahmar Shafee (Stepney) is playing on the both ends as he works for Kardaars but helps Faris and his team, he is clever enough to rotate the strike…
Abdaar Obaid offers Faris Ghazi to give some shocking evidence against Kardaar if he will dinner with her and Faris accepts it but even Abdaar doesn’t know that what is going on Faris’s mind he later Faris manages to get that evidence without having dinner with Abdaar with the help of Hunain.
Read Beautiful Tafseer-e-Quran in Words of Saadi in Namal September
Namal Novel is heading towards its ending and has a lot to amaze you.
Click on the links below to read online/Download Namal Episode 26 By Nemrah Ahmed

Kiran Digest August 2016 Read Online

Kiran Digest August 2016. Read Online and Download Free Kiran Digest August 2016 magazine. Kiran Digest is one of the famous Pakistani Urdu Digests containing latest novels for sisters. Kiran Digest is liked by all women and it is very helpful to build a strong character of a woman,Women get moral lessons from the stories published in Kiran Digest by Famous Urdu Writers.

What's so special in August 2016 Edition of Kiran Digest.

Man Moorakh Ki Baat By Asia Mirza Episode 08

Mukamal Novel:-
Tum Dena Sath Mera By Diya Sherazi
Dast E Maseeha By Nighat Seema Episode 04
DarParda Mohabbat By Kainaat Ghazal

Sang E Paras By Mehwish Iftikhar Episode 2
Manzil E Ishq By Hina Bushra
Qissa ladle Ka By Umme Eman

Gar Hum Samjh Jaen By Nafeesa Syed
Ahl e Wafa By Iqra ijaz
Facebooki princess By Nadia Khan
Tahi Dast By Saba Mumtaz

Click On the Links below to read Online or Download Kiran Digest August 2016 Pdf book free

Sunan Ibn-Majah Hadith Book Urdu Pdf Free Download

Sunan Ibn-e-Majah Urdu Islamic Hadith Book Pdf Free. Sunan Ibn-e-Majah is the name of One of Six books of Authentic Hadiths with reference and narrators. These seven books of Hadiths are known as Kitab-ul-Sittah. Sunan Ibn-Majah contains Authentic Hadiths of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), Sunan Ibn-Majah is available in Almost every major language of the world, but you can read Sunan Ibn-Majah in Urdu language here. Sunan Ibn Majah is compiled by Ibne Majah. Full name of Ibn Majah is Abu Abdullah Mohammad Ibn Yazid Ibn Majah Al-rabi Al-Qazwini. He was a Persian, born in the Qazvin Province, Iran. Majah was his father name. Ibn Majah R.A has spent his life, collecting the authentic Hadiths and kept the record of the narrators as references and Sunan Ibn-Majah Book has total 4341 Hadiths.
The Urdu Translation of Sunan Ibn Majah was done by Mohammad Qasim Amin, who worked hard and translated such a large Islamic book into Urdu language.
The Complete Sunan Ibn-majah has total three volumes/Juld/Parts
Click on the links below to read Online/Download Sunan Ibn Majah All Three Parts Free.

Sunan Ibn-Majah Volume One                          Read Online      Download Here 
Sunan Ibn-Majah Volume Two                          Read Online      Download Here
Sunan Ibn-Majah Volume Three                        Read Online      Download Here 

The Power Of Positive Thinking By Dr.Norman Vincent Peale Urdu Translated Book Free Download

The Power of Positive thinking Urdu Pdf Book... well the book name says it all. A book that can change your life authored by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Translated in to Urdu by Waqar Aziz in the name " Jaisa Socho Waisa Bano' Be like what you think. most effective techniques with examples are given in this book which teaches you how not to be defeated by anyone or anything. With Power of Positive Thinking Book learn to have peace of Mind, improve health and a relentless flow of energy. in our life we think what we say and sometimes we overthink or think in a negative way which gives us a lot of antsy.
Confidence is everything and it comes through positive thinking, less confidant people struggle more in life. 
The Power of Positive thinking book has only one simple  purpose to boost your positive thinking and confidence:by thinking positively your relation with other people build stronger.
Click on the links below to read online or download The Power Of Positive Thinking "Jaisa Socho Waisa Bano" in Urdu 

Ramzan Maah e Taqwa Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Holy Month Ramadan comes along the blessings, It is the month of fasting and abstaining from all the wrong deeds and gain blessing of Allah by Praying more. The Book Ramzaan Maah e Taqwa ( the month of forbearance) Pdf is a worth reading book of Shah Hakeem Mohammad Akhtar, who is a popular Islamic Scholar and the professor of Khanqah Imdadia Asharfia. 
In the Book Ramzaan Maah e Taqwa, the author has written all about fasting, Ittekaf and Shab-e-Qadar
Each pray is described be it Fast, Taravih, Shab e Qadar and Ittekaf.
Read this informative Urdu Book about Ramadan.

Click on the links below to read online / Download Ramzan Maah e Taqwa Urdu Pdf Free

Khawateen Digest June 2016 Edition Read Online

Cover of Khawateen Digest June 2016 Edition Pdf Book

Read Khawateeen Digest edition of June 2016 free. Khawateen Digest is Pakistan's largest selling Urdu digest which contains a wide range of Social, Romantic novels, Episodic novels, Afsaane, and Novelletes, Famous writers of Urdu Litracture tend to write for Khawateen Digest which they consider a beautiful and lovely digest for every generation. mostly it contains high moral stories as well as food for thought, Beautiful Urdu poetries of new and famous poet are also being publish in every edition of Khawateen Digest. High Moral stories can help you to build your character and face the difficulties of life with positive attitude and gain Self-steem.
Khawateen Digest is popular not only in Pakistan but all over the world, specially USA,UK India, Australia, Canada, UAE and other eurpion and Gulf Countries.
The Index of Khawateen Digest June 2016 is..
Aab E Hayaat By Umera Ahmed Episode 19
Dasht E Junnoon By Amna Riaz Episode 06

Mukamal Novel:-
Namal By Nemrah Ahmed Epsisode 23
Insaaf By Ghazala Roshan

Pa E Aaina By Saira Raza
Meda Bhi Koi Hoye By Sameena Azmat
Barishen Muqadar Kein By Haya Bukhari

Dewi Ka Darja By Aimal Raza
Aitraaf By Bint E Sehar

Khawateen Digest is in Pdf Book here you can download it or read Online by just clicking on the links below. (Courtsy PakSociety) 

Dil Makaan Us Ka Hua Urdu Novel By Maha Malik Pdf Download Free

Dil Makaan Us Ka Hua Urdu Novel by Maha Malik

Dil Makaan Us ka Hua By Maha Malik Urdu Novel Pdf Download. Dil Makaan Us Ka Hua is a romantic Urdu Novel of famous writer Maha Malik who is famed for her heart melting Urdu novels and Short fiction stories. She has written various Urdu stories for different Urdu Magazines, digest and Urdu Novel. Dil Makaan Us Ka Hua is also a story, published in and Urdu digest and later, it was published as a book. Maha Malik's Novel Tum Kon Piya was widely Appreciated which is also a social romantic story like Dil Makaan Us Ka Hua. The name of this novel itself denotes how romantic this novel is.
Page 1 Of Dil Makaan Us Ka Hua Novel By Maha Malik
Click on the links blew to read online or Download Dil Makaan Us Ka Hua By Maha Malik Urdu Novel Pdf.  

Repunzel Urdu Novel By Tanzeela Riaz Episode 10 Read Online

Repunzel By Tanzeela Riaz Episode 10. 
10th Episode of Tanzeela Riaz's Latest Urdu novel Repunzel which is publishing in Kiran Digest June 2016
Repunzel novel revolves around 2 families and girl which is trying to move on from her past.
Pdfbooks4all is a big hub for latest Urdu English novels and books in Pdf. 

Click on the links below to read online/ Download Repunzel By Tanzeela Riaz Episode 10

                                                                     Download Here

Dil Se Dil Mile Jab Urdu Novel By Huma Jahangeer Pdf Book Free Download

Free Download Short Novel "Dil se Dil Mile Jab" a beautiful short romantic story from Huma Jahangeer, who is a famous for his unique style of writing novels and short stories and she write for digests, Urdu fiction, short and long script writer. she has no match when it comes to romantic stories. Dil Se Dil Mile Jab is a social romantic story when two heart tries to connect but the hindrance of relations come. 
Dil se Dil Mile Jab is only 23 Pages long and was adored among the youth. 
Click on the links below to read online/download Dil Se Dil Mile Jab

Allah Ke Safeer Urdu Book By Khan Asif Pdf Download

Allah Ke Safeer Urdu Pdf Book Free Download. Allah Ke Safeer, an Islamic Urdu book authored by Khan Asif describes those pious muslims due to which we human being is called as Ashraf Ul Makhlooqat (The Best Creature). The writer of this book (Allah Ke Safeer) is Khan Asif, who is a well known Islamic researcher and Urdu Novelist. He has written many other Urdu Novels and Books
In Allah Ke Safeer Urdu Book, the author has collected the precious information, history, biography and lives of  the below mentioned Muslims and friends of Allah. 
1. Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi R.A
2 Hazrat Rabia Basri R.A
3. Hazrat Maulana jalal Ud Din Romi R.A
4. Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jailan R.A
5. Hazrat Baba Farid Ud Din Gunj Shakar R.A
6. Hazrat Nizam Uddin Aulia R.A
What is point to ponder here is that the aboe 6 Muslims are neither prophets nor companions of Prophet Mohammad SAW. Howeverm, these people are the Friends of Allah. Because they had a close relation with Allah, they were true believers and practical Muslims who sacrifice their live in loving Allah and his Prophet. 
Clicked on the links below to read online and Download Allah Ke Safeer Urdu Pdf Book by Khan Asif.

Fazail-e-Ramazan (The Blessing Of Ramadhan) Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Read online or Download Fazail-e-Ramazan (The Blessing of Ramadhan). Fazail e Ramazan book is taken from the Urdu Islamic book Fazail-e-Amal. Fazail e Ramazan is collected by Moulana Mohammad Zakariya, who is a famous Islamic Author and he is best known for his services for Tablighi Jamaat. Fazail-e-Ramadhan Urdu book is all about the month of Ramadhan and its blessing in the view of the Holy Quran and Hadiths. Moulana Mohammad Zakariyya has collected the huge and authentic Hadiths about the Ramazan in the Fazail-e-Ramazan Urdu Book.
Click on the links below to Read Online or Download Fazail-e-Ramazan Urdu Islamic book.

Usne Kaha Tha Alvida By Misbah Mushtaq Poetry Book Pdf Download

Usne Kaha Tha Alvida By Misbah Mushtaq. Usne kaha tha alvida is actually a beautiful collection of poetries and Ghazals of Misbah Mushtaq. Misbah Mushtaq is known for her God gifted talented writer and poet as well as social worker. All her book reflects the social issues and beauty, she has written many beautiful collection of Urdu poetry. Her novel Aik Tu Na Mila is very famous among every generation. in the Book Usne Kaha tha Alvida you will find the sweetness and bitterness of Love and romance as well as promotion of brotherhood and respect of each other and tolerance, which Misbah Mushtaq has described beautifully.
Click on the links below to read online/Download Usne kaha tha Alvida By Misbah Mushtaq Urdu Poetry Pdf Book

Tum Kaun Piya Urdu Novel Pdf Book Free Download

Tum Kaun Piya Novel Pdf Free download

Tum Kaun Piya By Maha Malik Urdu Novel.  A beautiful novel of Pakistan's popular writer Maha Malik who continuously writes in different digests, is an urdu novelist and playwright and her most stories were selected for Screen plays in different TV Channels. Her Screen Play Jo Chaley To Jaan Se Guzar Gaye was very famous drama of Geo Tv. 
Tum Kaun Piya is basically a social romantic novel depicts the feelings of couple who is divided by the social status. Displays the real image of our society and the problems we are facing in our routine life is beautifully described by the author Maha Malik.
This novel has also been telecast on Urdu Tv with the same name starring Imran Abbas and Aiza Khan, so if you can't read the novel then You can watch the drama Tum Kon Piya.
Click on the links below to read Online/Download Tum Kaun Piya Novel By Maha Malik 

Aik Tu Na Mila By Misbah Mushtaq Urdu Poetry Book Download Free

Aik Tu Na Mila By Misbah Mushtaq Urdu Poetry Download

Aik Tu Na Mila by Misbah Mushtaq. A beautiful Book of Misbah Mushtaq which contains the poetry that will amaze you. Urdu Poetry is very marvelous and everyone loves it. In the Book Aik Tu Na Mila the author Misbah Mushtaq has collected the romantic Ghazals and Poetry of very famous urdu poets all are collected and compiled by Misbah Mushtaq.
Click on the links below to Download Aik Tu Na Mila By Misbah Mushtaq Urdu Poetry Book.

Sitam Naseeb Novel By Malik Safdar Hayat Urdu Novel Free Download

Sitam Naseeb by Malik Safdar Hayat Urdu Novel Download

Sitam Naseeb Novel By Malik Safdar Hayat. The Urdu book Sitam Naseeb is a famous book written by Malik Safdar Hayat Ex DSP which actually a mixture of his four best social criminal and investigation stories in Urdu Language. All four stories of Sitam Naseeb are truely based upon the investigations in different criminal cases of Malik Safdar Hayat, who is a retired Deputy Superintendent of Police 

Summery of Sitam Naseeb Novel in Urdu

Siyaah Kaar By Malik Safdar Hayat
Hum Chasham By Malik Safdar Hayat
Bara E Khalash By Malik Safdar Hayat

and Sitam Naseeb

You can Read Online or Download Sitam Naseeb By Malik Safdar Hayat Urdu Pdf Book

100 Great Discoveries of All Time By Kendall Haven

100 greatest science discoveries of all time. A book which has 100 best discoveries of all time written by Kendall Haven. All 100 Greatest Discoveries are briefly described in this book 
Click on the links below to read online Download 100 Greatest Discoveries of All Time by Kendall Haven 

Monthly Suspense Digest March 2016 Read Online

 Suspense Digest March 2016 Edition Read Online

Monthly Suspense Digest March 2016 Read Online. If you are averse to read a suspense stories novels this digest is for you. Suspense Digest march 2016 is Pakistan's leading Urdu digest which promotes latest suspense and thrilling stories which you all want to read. Digest suspense march 2016 contains the writings of Pakistan's most famous fiction and suspense writers. 
Monthly Suspense Digest is available for you to read online and download for offline reading.

Repunzel Urdu Novel By Tanzeela Riaz Episode 9 March 2016 Read Online

Repunzel by Tanzeela Riaz Episode 9 Kiran Digest March 2016

Repunzel Novel Episode 9 Read Online. Repunzel is a fiction novel of Tanzeela Riaz who is a beautiful writer of Urdu literature. Whose novel Narsayi se Parsayi tak is very famous 
Tanzeela Riaz writes novel/stories on women empowerment and this novel is one of them as the theme of this novel is Repunzel, a girl who has long magical hairs.
So far Repunzel by Tanzeela Riaz has completed 9 episodes and here is 9th episode
Click on the links below to read online/download Repunzel Novel Episode 9 March 2016
Tags: Repunzel Novel, Repunzel new novel of tanzeela Riaz, Repunzel Urdu Novel Read Online

Monthly Hina Digest February 2016 Read Online

Monthly Hina Digest February 2016 Read Online

Hina Digest February 2016 edition Free Download. the most famous monthly magazine among women after Khawateen Digest, Hina Digest motivates new writers and their social, romantic love stories, interesting novels, health and beauty tips and much more. If you are fond of latest Urdu Poetry and Ghazals then you should read Hina Digest February 2016.
Monthly Hina Digest is here free for reading online or Download to read it later.

Repunzal Novel Episode 8 Read Online

Repunzal Novel Episode 8 Read Online. Repunzel is a new novel of Tanzeela riaz. it is based on the cartoon creation repunzel and describes the life of two families and a girl and story revolevs around her.
Click on the links below to read Repunzel novel Episode 8 free or download it

Safeeran e Khuda Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Safeeran E Khuda Urdu Pdf book free download. A comprehensive and informative book about different Prophets to download. Safeeran e Khuda is written by  Masood Mufti, a well known scholar and Mufti.
This book (Safeeran e Khuda) is about different prophets alongwith their nations,biography and other relatd information about the holy prophets (Peace be upon them) as the author has also narrated the introduction of miracle and so as the reality of Wahi
Safeeran e Khuda is informative about Hazrat Nooh A,s, Hazrat Ibrahim A.s, Hazrat Looth A.s Hazrat Ishaq and many other messangers of Allah.
Click on the links below to read online/ DOwnload Safeeran E Khuda Urdu Pdf Book free

Safeeran e Khuda Urdu Pdf Book

Safeeran e Khuda Urdu Pdf Book Free Download
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(For Pc/Laptop users)

Firon Ki AapBeeti Urdu Novel By Mazhar Ul Haq Alvi Free Download

Firon Ki AapBeeti Novel By Mazhar ul Haq Alvi

Firon Ki Aapbeeti Urdu novel. Firon Ki aapBeeti Novel was originally written by Rider Haggard and translated by Mazhar ul Haq Alvi. Firon ki Aap Beeti Contains the story of Egypt's last Pharaoh, in the love of cleopatra, he had lost his everything. The story of this novel is on romance,action and advanture in urdu.

Jang e Azeem Ke Hero By Sayed Saeed Ahmed Free Download

Jang e Azeem Ke Hero is an urdu book written by Syed Saeed Ahmed. Jang e Azeem Ke Hero book has beautiful knowledge about the first world war. The first world war has been beautifuly described by Syed Saeed Ahmed.
Click on the links below to  Download

Brain Trainer Book Free Download

Brain Training Pdf Book Free Download

Read Brain Trainer Book Free. You can boost your brain memory with this free pdf copy of World's famous book Brain Training. Brain Training is written by Mr.James Harrison and Mike Hobbs, it is a complete visiual programme and has all the concepts and theory with images and diagram.
Brain Training Pdf Book Free Download

The Index of Brain Training Pdf BOok is
Chapter 1: Brain Potential
Chapter 2: Memory
Chapter 3: Visual Reasoning and Spatial Awareness
Chapter 4: Think Creatively
Chapter 5: Numerical Reasoning
Chapter 6: Verbal Reasoning
Chapter 7: The Mind Body Connection
Chapter 8: Test Your New Brain Power 

Read OnlineDownload Here Free

Aab E Hayaat Episode 16 by Umera Ahmed Read Online And Download

As the Story Ascends we read some shocking as well as intersting things as Salaar has Brain Tumor and before going to Neurosurgery he has written his Autobiography which he named "Taash" but when Imama Reads that Autobiography he urge salaar to give that autobiography "Aab E Hayaat" Nobody has got Aab e Hayaat (The Water of Life) However, Imama Believes that turning from wrong side to good is like drinking Aab E Hayaat which gives life to a dead man

Read more in Aab e Hayaat Episode 16, read online or Download it.

Devta By Mohiuddin Nawab Urdu Novel All 56 Volumes Pdf Download

"Devta" Urdu Novel by Mohiuddin Nawab All 56 volumes in Pdf Book Free Download. Mohiuddin Nawab's Urdu Novel Devta is world's most famous and astounding long novel. the main protoganist of the novel Devta is Farhad Ali Temur who is a master of Telepathy and tells his autobiography in Devta that how he fights with group of Super Master and other criminal with his Super Power of Telepathy in various stages and damages. Urdu Novel Devta is a master piece of Love,romance, suspense and action as well.
Devta by Mohiuddin has 56 Volumes and you can download each volume by clicking on the links below