Khawateen Digest December 2015 Edition Read Online

Read Online Khawateen Digest December 2015. The December edition of Khawateen Digest comes with beautiful novels, including episode 17 of namal by nemrah ahmed and Aab e Hayaat Episode 14, Is dard Ki Dawa Karey By Umme Taifoor. Khawateen Digest also contains Editorial Section, Khatoon Ki Dairy Section, Afsana Section Poetry Section and moreover, it contains beautiful poetry as well as beauty tips and all other ladies' stuff to read.
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Purwa By Bano Qudsia Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Purwa By  Bano Qudsia read Online. Purwa is one of Bano Qudsia's famous novels contains the social story. Bano Qudsia is Pakistan's popular Urdu writer,novelist,Urdu drama writer. She is the wife of the Great Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed.
Purwa is an attractive and beautiful social story novel which won't let you bore. Purwa is a short Urdu story and contains 128 pages online.

Jinnah of Pakistan By Stanley Wolpert Book Free Download

Jinnah of Pakistan English Book Read Online. An English book full of the life of the founder of Pakistan Qaid-e-Azam. Reading Jinnah Of Pakistan you will discover the importance,history and political background of Jinnah. This book is authored of Mr. Stanley Wolpert,who is an American Academic, Ideologist and author, considered one of the world's foremost authorities on the political history of modern India and Pakistan.
In Jinnah of Pakistan, the authored has described the history of the subcontinent as well as political background in a beautiful way.

Jinnah Of Pakistan By Stanley Wolpert has total 400 pages and you can read it Online and Download free 

Maloomat Tareekh Islam Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Maloomat Tareekh e Islam Urdu Pdf Book. If you want to increase your Islamic knowledge, then Maloomat E Tareekh Islam is for you, read and increase your knowledge in the Urdu language by reading Maloomat Tareekh e Islam, which is an Urdu book written by Mr. Shair Ali Shair, an Urdu author. Mr. Shair Ali Shair has written many Urdu Books on General and Islamic Knowledge. Maloomat Tareekh e Islam Urdu Pdf book is good for those who want to get informed from the history of Islam, This book is based on Question Answer and Maloomat Tareekh Islam is also a good book for CSS aspirants.

Aasan Arabic Grammar Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Free Download Aasan Arabi Grammar Complete Pdf Book. A comprehensive guide to learn Arabic language in a very easy way. Asaan Arabi Grammar is very useful for those who want to learn Arabic language this book is in Urdu and after reading this book you can talk Arabic language in a beautiful and impressive ways because it has all keys to Arabic language and it is detailed and long Urdu book to learn Urdu language.
All Parts of Asaan Arabi Grammar are included in one Pdf file. 
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Aab E Hayaat Episode 14 Read Online and Download

Aab E Hayaat Episode 14 By Umera Ahmed (
Aab E Hayaat Episode 14 Read online. Aab E Hayaat by Umera Ahmed is a 2nd part of Famous Urdu novel Peer e Kamil, read further about Imama and Salaar's Story in Aab E Hayaat.
Aab E Hayaat is an Arabic word which means (Water of Life) It is said that in this world, there is a water which if you drink you won't be mortal. 
You can read Aab E Hayaat Online or download it by clicking on the links below.

Namal Episode 17 By Nemrah Ahmed Read Online

Namal Episode 17 "Aadmi Kay Do Dil"

Namal By Nemrah Ahmed Episode 17 Read Online. Namal Episode 17 comes with title "Aadmi Kay 2 Dil" (A man with two hearts) which is from the Quranic verse "Allah has not put two hearts inside a man". A man is whether righteous or a wrong doer, he is not both at the same time that's the thing this ayah is telling us. Whether you have to companion of good or you can join bad,but cannot choose both.
Namal episode 17 is full of suspense, shock and heart touching scene. Specially Saadi's Quran reciting scene is magnificent. We will know how Genius Faris is, he knew the reality of Hashim and Jawahraat for a long time but he did not realize them. The love scene of Zumar and Faris was also awesome. And the Poetry of Namal december 2015 edition is very beautiful, the lines,
"AnMol Patharro Ki Qeemat Lagayi Sab Ne,
Deewar Jo Na Bante, Bazaar Ban Ke Jeete.
Garr WaQt Kabhi Aata Baatil Ki Khudayi Ka,
Hum Maot Se Na Dartey, Talwaar Ban Ke Jeete"
are awesome from Namal Episode 17.
mr.Ahmer's Humor is also good and the conversation between saadi and Aabdar is worth reading as well.
The last scene of Namal Episode 17 is fabulous when Saadi reveals the Murderer of Hashim's Father Aurangzaib.
So Read Namal Episode 17 and get yourself fascinate with Nemrah Ahmed's lovely style of writing.

Iblees Novel By Nemrah Ahmed Pdf Book Free Download

Iblees Novel by Nemrah Ahmed Free Download. Iblees is a short novel written by the author of Jannat Kay Pattay and Namal, Nemrah Ahmed, who is no doubt a legend Urdu writer because her every word is attractive and her writing style is simply different. Nemrah Ahmed has written lots of Urdu stories and Novels and almost all are adored by Urdu readers. The way Nemrah Ahmed writes is unique she emphasizes every single character and every important thing which makes her different. Iblees (Satan) is the novel name which is also a common social story, but what's  attractive to us is that it is written by Nemrah Ahmed so i think it will be liked by Urdu readers as well. 
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Shuaa Digest December 2015 Edition Read Online and Download Free

Shuaa Digest December 2015 Edition Read Online. Shuaa Digest is one of Pakistan's top Urdu Digests, who are providing ladies a huge variety of Novels,stories,Afsaane, Social and romantic novels, Episodic long novels of popular writers and contains beautiful quotes,recipes,poetry, Beauty Tips and much more.
December 2015 Edition of Shua Digest contains.
Ek Thi Misal By Rukhsana Nigar Adnan Episode 31
Raqs e Bismil By Nabila Aziz Episode 26

Complete Novel:-
Jam e Aarzoo By Mehwish Iftikhar Last Episode 4
Ishaq Pul E Sarat By Nazia Razzaq

Wada Khel By Aimal Raza
Nehle Pe Dehla by Shabbana Fatima 
Khati Meethi Yaaden by Bint E Irshad 
Waqt ka Aiana By Farzana Aamir.

Shuaa Digest is famous among every age of women because it's high moral stories and quotes which can build a woman's character. Shuaa Digest is not only popular in Pakistan, but, USA, Canada, Australia, England, UAE, KSA and other countries as well.
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Hum Us Kay Hen Urdu Ghazal Book By Amjad Islam Amjad Free Download

A Beautiful Urdu Poetry Book

Hum Us Kay Hen is a beautiful Urdu Ghazal Book by Amjad Islam Amjad, contains a lot of beautiful and heart touching Urdu Poetry Ghazals. Mr. Amjad Islam Amjad is author of this worth reading Urdu Poetry Book, Amjad Islam Amjad is well known for his lovely and easy to understand Urdu Poetry. Urdu Ghazals are the most beautiful and loved by Millions of people around the world, So if you are an Urdu Poetry Lover, then you should read this beautiful Urdu Poetry Book.

Main Ek Jasoos Tha Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Main Ek Jasoos Tha Urdu Spy Novel Pdf download

Main Ek Jaasoos Tha Urdu Spy novel Read online. A very interesting Urdu spying novel written by Mr. Tariq Ismail Sagar who is a famous Urdu author as well as a popular journalist of Pakistan. Many of Espionage books are credited to him like Jasoos Kaise Banta Hai and Shaitani Kaneesa. He has a healthy amount of fans of his books and novels.
Main Ek Jasoos Tha is an Urdu novel most famous of Urdu novels by Tariq Ismail. Main Ek Jasoos The novel story is narrated by a first person narrator and it is a superb story of a Pakistani Spy who enters to India for a secret mission to collect the secret information about ludhyana airport,  I think it is the best novel after Jannat Kay Pattay and who has read Jannat Kay Pattay, should read this novel as well.
You can read online and Download Main Ek Jasoos Tha Urdu Novel By clicking on the links below.

Protect Yourself From Shaytan And Jinn Pdf Book Free Download

A book to help you protecting from Shayateen and Jinn

Read Online Protect Yourself from Jinn and Shaytan. In Book Protect Your Self From Shaytan and Jinn (monster/Demon). In this world, there are most invisible thing and Shaytan (Monster) and Jin (Ghost) are from them who can harm you deadly. But after reading this book you will be able to protect yourself from Shaytan and Jinn. The Author of this book is Mr. Wahid Abdul Salam, who is a well known Islamic Scholar from Saudi Arabia. He has collected the verses for The Holy Qur'an regarding Shayateen and Jinn. In This book you will also explore who the evils are. As many people do not believe in Jinn as but their existence is a reality and all Muslims have believed in their existence.
Read Online, and Download Protect Yourself from Jinn and Shaytan. You can read this book for increasing your knowledge as well about Shayateen and Jinn.

Zehreeli Tasveer Imran Series Novel Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Zehreeli Tasveer Imran Series by Ibn-e-Safi novel read online. Among the 120 novels of Ibn-e-safi this is a beautiful novel in Urdu language. Ibne Safi was the one who started the Imran Series Novels and after him the series was continued by Mazhar Kaleem. Zahreeli Tasveer is a famous novel of Ibne Safi who is a well known Urdu Novelist, started writing novels in 1940 and after the partition of the sub-continent he moved to Pakistan. His real name is Asrar Ahmed
Read Online, and Download Zahreeli Tasveer Imran Series novel free by clicking on the links below.

Aasan Qudrati Iaj Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Science is not In contrast to naturopathy but it is with his privilege, we should not underestimate the importance of naturopathy. Naturopathy is same effective as it was centuries ago.
It is saying that Nature is a big therapist, it is a formacy which has the remedy of every pain. Aasan Qudrati Ilaj Urdu Pdf contains the easiest natural treatments of most diseases in Urdu language. Asian Qudrati Ilaj is written by Hakeem Tahir Mehmood Butt, who is a peritus Hakeem and a famous health author in Pakistan as well. His Urdu books about Hikmat and Health are very famous Asian Qudrati Ilaj is his very popular Urdu book. Asaan Qudrati Ilaj Urdu Book has been written in the light of Islam.
Asaan Qudrati Ilaj (Easy Natural Treatment) Urdu book is all about different diseases and their remedies. The writer of the book Qudrati Ilaj has mentioned spiritual Islamic prayers as the cure of different disease like Malaria, hepatitis, cancer, high blood pressure and many other diseases. The author has also narrated about the light therapy.
Asaan Qudrati Ilaj Urdu book contains 256 pages of Natural treatment tips and has a small size of 5.18 MB only.
Click on the below links to read online/download Asaan Qudrati Ilaj Urdu Pdf Book Free

A Walk To Remeber Novel By Nicholas Sparks Download Free Pdf

A Walk To Remember Novel By Nicholas Sparks

A Walk To Remember Novel Pdf. A walk to remeber is love story novel of a couple. Authored by Nicholas Sparks. A Walk to Remember has the story that will touch your heart. A walk to remeber won't soon forgot book 
You Can Read Online and download A Walk to remember by clicking on link below.

Woh Jo Karz Rakhtey Thay Urdu Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq Free Download

Woh Jo Karz Rakhtey Thay Urdu Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq Free Download

Woh jo Karz Rakhtey Thay Jaan Par By Farhat Ishtiaq Novel Pdf Download. A very famous social, romantic Urdu Novel Wo jo qarz rakhtey thay is written by Pakistani writer, screen writer and author who is a author of many popular novels in monthly digests, Khawateen Digest,Shuaa Digest,Kiran Digest. Her writing style is very famous across the world and she is an expert in writing romantic novels. Husmafar,Mata e jaan hai tu, Dyar e dil,Mere Humdum Mere Dost are her creation. Her focus is mostly on Pakistani Society.
Woh Jo Karz Rakhtey Thay Jaan Par is also a story rovolves around Pakistan culture and society.
Woh jo Karz Rakhtey Thay Jaan Par is available for online reading and you can download it as well for offline reading.

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Novel Book Free Download

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Pdf Book Free Download Read Online

The Harry Potter series authored by J.K Rowling is very popular across the world, for mystery and adventure. Harry Potter series has total 7 novels, which contains a stunning magical story of a little magician "Harry Potter" in English Language.
Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince is the 6th novel, the continues story of war against voildemort which is not going well.  Even Muggle government are also paying attention. Professor Dumbledore is absent from Hogwarts magic School for a long time, and The Order Of The Phoenix has already suffered losses.
For Further information and having fascinate from novel click on below links for Online reading and Download Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Pdf Book.

Tareekh Ibn Khaldun All 13 Volumes Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

All 13 Volumes of Tareekh Ibn Khaldun In Pdf Book Read Online or Download

Tareekh Ibn Khaldun Urdu Pdf Book 13 Volumes Free Download. The historical book from creation of  the world to modren world Tareekh Ibn Khaldun is written by Allamah Abdur Rahman Bin Muhammad Bin Khaldun. And translated to Urdu by Hakeem Ahmed Hussain Elahbadi. Tareekh Ibn Khaldun has 13 volumes and contains trusted history of the world with his Muqaddimah, 
Here you can download All Volumes of Historical Book Tareekh Ibn Khaldun and read online as well.

Direct Download
Read Online

Husna Aur Husan Ara Novel By Umera Ahmed Pdf Book Online Reading

Husna Aur Husan Ara Novels collection by Umera Ahmed Pdf Book Free Download

Husna and Husan Ara is a collection of Umera Ahmed's stories published in different digests. Many novels of Umera Ahmed have been published in Book form. Lahasil, Amarbail, Zindagi Gulzar Hai have also televise in different Tv channels which are very famous among the audience. Umera Ahmed Got the best writer for her first drama "Wujood Laraib".
Husna Aur Husan Ara contains 4 beautiful and different stories of Umera Ahmed. Husna Aur Husan ara is the first story, the second one is Ab Mera Intzaar na Kar, third one is Bas Ek Daag E Nidamat and the last one is Aj aur Kal. Remember that Husna aur Husan ara has not been published in any digest and is a new story. And other stories are beautiful as well in their style.
Husna And Husan Ara is Available for Online Reading and you can Download to read it offline as well.

Rapunzel Urdu Novel By Tanzeela Riaz All Episodes Free Download

Pakistani Urdu Novel Rapunzel By Tanzeela Riaz Read Online
Rapunzel Novel
Rupanzel By Tanzeela Riaz Free Download and Online Reading... Rupanzel is a new novel of pakistani writer tanzeela riaz who is a writer of many famous novels including Ehd Ul Ast,Marag e Barag, Ihdnasirat-ul-Mustaqeem and etc.
The writer has given the name "Rapunzel" to the novel because it's story is revelent to Tangled Rapunzel. The beautiful girl of Movie "Tangled" Rapunzel Doll
Rupanzel is a beautiful urdu novel, publish in Monthly Kiran Digest in episodes. Click on below links to download episode of Rupanzel.

Episode #
Direct Download
Read Online
Rapunzel Epi 1
Rapunzel Epi 2
Rapunzel Epi3
Rapunzel Epi 4
Rapunzel Epi 5

Masala Food Magazine November 2015 Eidion Pdf Book Free Download

Free Download Masala Food Magazine November 2015 Edition

Masala TV Food Mag November 2015 edition Pdf Book Online. Monthly Masala Tv Food Magazine is very famous among the ladies in Pakistan and out of Pakistan. Masala Tv Food Magazine contains tasty and delicious Pakistan and Internationl recipies by well known chefs of Masala Tv Channel. A Short summery of Contents of Magzine:- Masala Star, Handi, Masala Mornings, Chaska Pakaney Ka, Food Diaries, Lively Weekends, Food planet, Totkay and much more in English and Urdu languages.
Masala TV Food Magazine, November 2015 Edition is available for online reading and download pdf book to read online,you can click on below links to read online/Download.

Khawateen Digest November 2015 Edition Pdf Book Free Download

Khawateen Digest November 2015 Ebook Free Download. Khawateen Digest is here for its beautiful stuff. New novels, Stories, Beauty tips, Great Quotes and much more included in the Khawateen Digest November edition. 
Khawateen Digest November edition contains 
Bin Maangi Dua By Iffat Sehar Tahir Last Episode
AAb e Hayaat By Umera Ahmed Episode 13
Namal Episode 16 By Nemrah Ahmed

Misl e Mehtab By Sadaf Rehan
Fareb By Hajira Rehan
Ehad By Noor Fatima
Saaf Go by Ammara Khan
and more stuff you like the most.
khawateen Digest November 2015 Available in Pdf book for online reading and you can also Download Khawteen Digest for offline reading.

Namal By Nemrah Ahmed Episode 16 Pdf Book Free Download

Namal By Nemrah Ahmed Urdu Ebook Download Free. November episode of Namal by Nemrah Ahmed comes with a lot of thrill, suspense and great explanation of The Holy Quran. As always it is Nemrah Ahmed's habit to make us surprise with Saadi's Quran Recitation and his heartwarming explanation of Quranic Ayats in a superb way. Read more about Faris's arrestment in a murder case and much more in Namal Episode 16 By Nemrah Ahmed published in Khawateen digest November 2015.
Here you can read books of your choice free online or download them for free reading in pdf format all books are free and updated.
If you find any broken link or you face any problem downloading the book please tell us we will solve your problem.

Sayah Hashia By Saima Akram Chaudhry Full Novel Free Download

Sayah Hashia is a new novel of Saima Akram Chaudhry, who is a famous novelist and drama writer of Pakistan. Saima Akram is popular because of her unique style of writing. Her novel Mohabbat Ab Nahi Hogi is very famous among the readers. Sayah Hashia is a social, romantic novel, describing the general story in a different style. The story starts with a girl who is trying to cross the line. That girl is a mystery which will be unveiled soon. Sayah Hashia comes in Serialized in Monthly Shua Digest. The story of Sayah Hashia is very heart touching and we hope that readers will love it.
This Novel is published in episodes in Shua Digest
Here are 8 Episodes of Sayah Hashia 
We are regularly updating episodes every month, and  Sayah Hashia Episode 17 August 2016 has also been updated.
Episode #
File Size
Read Online
Sayah hashia Epi 1
6.10 MB
Sayah hashia Epi 2
6.10 MB
Sayah hashia Epi 3
9.00 MB
Sayah hashia Epi 4
6.60 MB
Sayah hashia Epi 5
7.40 MB
Sayah hashia Epi 6
4.70 MB
Sayah hashia Epi 7
4.00 MB
Sayah hashia Epi 8
5.20 MB
Sayah Hashia Episode 9 Download Here Read Online
Sayah Hashia Episode 10 Download Here Read Online
Sayah Hashia Episode 11 Download Here Read Online
Sayah Hashia Episode 12 Download Here Read Online
Sayah Hashia Episode 13 Download Here Read Online
Sayah Hashia Episode 14 Download Here Read Online
Sayah Hashia Episode 15 Download Here Read Online
Sayah Hashia Episode 16 Download Here Read Online
Sayah Hashia Episode 17 Download Here Read Online